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My Briefcase has many ROM and GAME files. Send mail to, if you have feedback.

Updates & News

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
One of the names appearing on Siemens Semifinalist:

This has been such a great week since Tuesday last week. Macro Test, BC Test, Siemens, Biology, all aced. Finalists on Monday.

Tuesday July 22, 2003
Nice day for my AP's, 5's on both AP US and BIO. I've added my "original" MCQ's of the Divine AP US textbook. It is located here.

Tuesday July 15, 2003
Finally, I have 100 visitors to my website! This could also mean I have done a whopping 100 updates. We'll either way, I'll take it.

Thursday July 10, 2003
Recently a lot of people have been having trouble in fixing their *.MSI extension. In my case the *.MSI file was being used by a molecular program. I found a way to restore .msi to Windows Installer. This must be done because manual opening of MSI Installer is missing the install command line.

Here is my method: *.MSI Restore