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Welcome to Evo & Co., Here you will find info, pictures, links, and much more on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and some of my other favorite rapid cars.

July 16, 2002
-Today I fixed the Evo wallpaper so now you can see all of them.
-I will try to add the S4 and GT2 wallpaper soon
July 14, 2002
-Angelfire messed up and let me have 50 megabytes of space, then they changed their ming and I couldn't edit my website until I deleted files and go under 20 megabytes. I had to delete all of the GT2, Evo, and S4 wallpaper. They will be back up soon though.
July 9, 2002
-I am going to be make a new layout for this site. I have about 40 some pages and I will try to do 2 pages a day so I will be done in about a month.(after I start)
-As soon as I am done making the new layout for the main page I will post it up and have a poll to see if people like it better.
July 7, 2002
-I'm probably not going to update this site until next month becase I have been very busy lately.
-I will add a Nissan Skyline page because it seems to be everyone's favorite by lookinh at the poll.
June 26, 2002
-I added the compare the cars page. There you will find all of the cars in this page in a easy to see table.
It has information on all of those cars so you can easly look at it and compare them.
-I added the previous pics of the week page, where you will find obviusly previous pictures of the week.
-I added thumbnails to the Rally Evo page
-I added thumbnails to the Racing S4 page
-I Have almost no links for the cars, If you know of one can you please e-mail it to me, thanks.
June 25, 2002
-I added 23 Racing BMW M3 pictures
-I added 10 BMW M5 wallpapers.
-I added 15 BMW M3 wallpapers.
-I fixed the M5 pictures page.
June 24, 2002
-I fixed the Lancer Evolution pictures page, now it has thumbnails.
-I also fixed the M3 and M5 wallpaper page.
-I fixed the S4 picture page, now it too has thumbnails.
June 22, 2002
-Today I added some Viper Downloads
-I got a new logo
-I added 10 more Porsche GT2 wallpapers
June 17, 2002
-I added Links to the Dodge Viper section

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