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KK Hui - Guest Book Archives [02]

Name :   Ed Stokes
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Date :   24/4/03
Comment :   Dear KK I am impressed with your site, as I have been for ages... and your bird images are insprational. I hope many see and enjoy them. Congratulations! Best wishes Ed Stokes
Name :   Richard Hogg
URL and/or e-Mail Address :
Date :   4/23/2003
Comment :   KK, Gorgeous web site filled with outstanding images. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to view your wonderful avian photography.
Your Name :   Matthew Whitley
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Comment :   KK, I ha e always admired your work on NPN, but now after seeing your website my admiration has gone to a new level. Your ability to capture the beauty and grace of birds in motion, especially large numbers of birds, is unparalleled. Amazing stuff. Mat