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Grand Master Ed Parker


Ed Parker

Grand Master Ed Parker knew he would not be around forever. In an effort to give longevity and structure to his new KENPO SYSTEM Ed Parker set MINIMUM standards for obtaining each belt rank, Yellow Belt through 3rd Black Belt, which was, at that time, the highest tested rank in Kenpo karate.

In 1987 - Three years before his death on December 15, 1990 - Ed Parker published Volume V of INFINITE INSIGHTS INTO KENPO. In this book he set forth the minimum requirements for each belt. Those requirements would specify the exact techniques to be taught; the order in which they should be taught and the kata/s required. These were to be used as a guide for all future Kenpo students.

Ed Parker had planned to put out a complete 40 Volume Video set - covering his new Kenpo Karate System. Unfortunately for the Kenpo community Ed Parker died before completing this project. His delay was caused by the fact he did not want to use any of his existing Black Belts in the videos - because he knew that after his death anyone he used in the videos would claim to be his successor. At his funeral Mrs Parker made it very clear that he had chosen none of his existing follower or Black Belts to take over or assume the leadership of the Kenpo association. That control, and leadership would remain with the Parker family.