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Keeney AstroResearch - Director's Bio and Location

Director's Biography

John G. Keeney was born January 12, 1953, in Portsmouth, Ohio. He is a 1971 honors graduate of Glenwood High School, New Boston, Ohio, and a 1973 honors graduate of Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio (A.A.S., Plastics Engineering.) John has been involved with the "Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence" for the last 10 years specializing in microwave SETI development and research. He is the founder and director of Keeney AstroResearch and is a strong advocate of microwave and optical SETI. John is currently working on helix antenna designs and optical telescope techniques.

Keeney AstroResearch is presently located in Lexington, Kentucky. Please E-mail John Keeney( to schedule a public SETI Lecture at your location. The Keeney AstroResearch website and MSN® Community Page can be accessed at the following internet addresses:

Keeney AstroResearch Headquarters
3901 Rapid Run Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40515 U.S.A.

Latitude 37.965N, Longitude 84.483W, Grid Square EM77sx

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