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And His Music


Edited for length - Gail M.


"Jordan Zed delivers his emotional songs with a warm, rich voice... bringing his soulful tunes and lush arrangements to the plush confines of the Imperial Theatre...

...Zed has an exceptional voice; warm and rich in the lower register, capable of belting out a strong lead line when required, rising to falsetto flights of fancy, and also accomplished at performing flexible Stevie Wonder/Aaron Neville type vocal spaghetti on occasion. His tuning was right on, and his diction was clear at all times, allowing the intelligence of his song lyrics to penetrate the musical accompanyment.

As a songwriter, Zed is able to match his vocal line to the emotion and intent of his lyrics...Many of his songs are animated by the people Zed meets, or observes on a daily basis, for example the homeless in Today is Tomorrow. A sunny, upbeat attitude is represented in songs such as Good To Smile and the evening's initial offering, Tonight's the Night. A more complex, subtle approach, both lyrically and musically was heard in the superb closer to the first half of the concern, I Need to Believe You. Another highlight of the first half was the ballad, Make Me Remember written while Zed was a student at Saint John High School. Its moody atmosphere and dark harmonies add depth to the longing of the lyrics: (See lyrics below. Gail.)

"...Combining a keen harmonic sense, use of unusual chords, and some ingenious modulations, Zed's songs provide a solid framework for production...

"...The band (all talented fellow students of Zed at the Berklee College of Music in Boston) arrangments were excellent, with the six string bass providing excitement in the shots behind the vocal on the danceable All I need is You, while the guitars and keyboard layered some beautiful effects on the chorus of Against the Wind...

"...A top-notch sound crew and impressive lighting added immensely to the spectable. Cameramen buzzed the stage continuously to record the concert for broadcast on TVNB on Thanksgiving Weekend. (Oct. 8th and 9th, 9:00 Atlantic Time.)

"...Zed showed that he is able to captivate the audience all by himself, as he began the second half of the program, alone at the Imperial's Steinway Grand in a passionate rendition of the ballad Common Ground. In the evening's most effective segue, the band gradually joined in the ensuing Hold On, a powerful song about encouragement.

Jordan Zed is an appealing performer, unassuming and likable. ...he recently received first prize (and $10,000 US) in the latest BMI John Lennon Songwriting Competition, for his song, Show Me Who You Are. The modest Zed neglected to mention the award, failing to showcase the song, which has placed him as a comer on the musical map.

"Zed's songs are clearly designed to catch radio play..." Reviewed by Richard Kidd, Saint John Times Globe

My own comments: I loved the show. Jordan Zed is a wonderfully talented songwriter and performer, and (okay I've got this site dedicated for him, so you know I'm already a huge fan) he's going to be a big star. Also evidenced by the standing ovation and thunderous applause his performance received on Saturday night at the Imperial. It's only the beginning, folks! Gail.

JORDAN ZED Boston, Mass.

"Zed, a 20-year-old from New Brunswick, won first prize (and $10,000 U.S.) in the latest BMI/John Lennon Songwriting Competition, for his song, Show Me Who You Are. There are already several fan sites on the Web devoted to him, though he has not yet graduated from Boston's Berklee School of Music. Zed's music is high-gloss, soft-soul pop -- not exactly Lennon's cup of tea, but a first-class ticket to ride in a world in which Phil Collins gets an Oscar for making tunes for Disney."


(Lyrics and Music by Jordan Zed)

Make me remember,
Show me who we used to be.
Show me your memories.
I thought you would love me forever!

Make me remember
How I was once a part of you.
I feel our memories...
Even though we'll never be together.


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