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More photos of our favorite guitar tech.

This picture was taken by Becca.
Thanks, Becca! It's a great picture, isn't it?

This photo comes from Sarah. Here, Phil is having difficulty with his guitar strap. Jay rushes in to save the day once again. Ah, Jay, what would we do without ya?

Another lovely photo from Sarah. Thanks! This is Jay at good ol' Festival con Dios, which never would have gone so smoothly without his hard work behind the scenes.

Did you know that Jay is in ONIP (Newsboys Live: One Night in Pennsylvania video tape)? He is, but just for a brief moment during "Always." Here are a few screen caps from that brief cameo.


And now a tale of how Jay saved "Celebrate Freedom 2001." Jody's upset. See? Why is he upset? Because Jeff's keyboard isn't working correctly during "Reality," which is bugging Jody no end.


Jody gives Jeff the "Stare of Death" one more time, just for good measure.


But see who has come to the rescue? Over on the far left is Jeff in his red shirt at his keyboard with Jay in front, working away during the song.


This one's hard to see, but on the extreme left, just above Jody's shoulder, is Jay. He's dashing off-stage right after he fixed Jeff's keyboard.


This one's even harder to see, but trust me. In the video you can see it a lot more clearly... But Jay's on the far left, ducking as he runs away.


And the results of Jay's work: Jeff got to sing Funky Town with no malfunctions! Yea! Jay saved the show just in the nick of time!


If you have a picture of Jay, won't you please send it along to the Fan Club? We'll even feature it on the front page for a while! :)

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