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Gas-Gas' New Quads

Gas Gas has introduced the NEW Wild HP quads. They come in 3 engine types: 300 2-stroke, 400 4-stroke, and a 450 4-stroke.
They each come with multi-adjustable Íhlins shocks and twin-piston floating Brembo calipers in both front and back. Fuel tank has a capacity of 3.95 gallons.

The 300 2-stroke quad weighs in at only 392 lbs and the 450 4-stroke at 407 lbs. Both models come with a 6 speed tran system. The 2-stroke 300 uses a direct reed intake and Keihin PWK 39-mm carb. The 4-stroke engine has a 4-valve head and electronic injection. The quad measure in at 52" wide for a good stance and one of the futures racers. (Including its futuristic looks.)

Recently Gas-Gas announced that they also have a 400 4-stroke but nothing else has been said. It is to compete in the regular market but still with a hefty price tag.

300 2-Stroke: 45 Horsepower --- $7695
400 4-Stroke: 45 Horsepower --- $8395
450 4-Stroke: 52 Horsepower --- TDA

Click Here for the specs and pictures of the 300 2-stroke
Click Here for the specs and pictures of the 450 4-stroke

Here's a few pictures of the Gas-Gas' but it's only the 300. The 400 and 450 were not at either place..