Funland at The Beach
Sunny Sunday at the amusement park
See the fat hands spill their pop
Oh babe - lots of flags and ballons
But someone sabotaged the roller coaster last night

Ran a turn and then it smashed right down
Through the crowded haunted house below
Oh No
Human hamburger No

And it's Crushed little Kids
Crushed little Kids
Crushed little Kids
Adorn the boardwalk

See the tourists drop their jaws and cones
See the owners smell a big lawsuit
Oh Police! (call your lawyer first)
Make the witnesses go home
And they'll turn on the TV

And see the crushed little kids
Adorn the boardwalk...
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Album: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Song: Ill In The Head
In a desperate mind
Little gardens grow
They grow very wide
They grow very tall

Why am I alive
Urban Wonderland
By the fence I stand
In and out of hand

There are many paths
Dripping dark so dense
Do not enter here
Enter over there

People closing in
Barking at my mind
Shoving me to wine
I want all alone

I want my own home
I want my own girl
Help me hate the world
Own and love my life