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<Hello, My name is Matthew Munn and I am your average 19 year old. I was born in Sudbury and have been a resident of Copper Cliff my entire life. My strong interest in computers and the Internet has led my to the E-Business Science program at Laurentian University that I am currently enrolled in. After my four years at Laurentian I would like to utilise the technology available as well as the business skills I will have learned and start my own business here in Northern Ontario. To me, the Internet is a powerful tool that is easily accessible to almost everyone in the world. A vast amount of information and resources is at our fingertips, available to be used to benefit each of us in many ways. This belief is what led me to the topic of my essay, which is “E-Business – The Great Equalizer for Northern Ontario”. This was not a difficult topic for me to write about because my family has utilized the Internet to it’s full potential and has been running an Internet based business for the past 6 years from our home in Northern Ontario. My appreciation for the internet and E-business grew with each passing year as I saw over and over again the many advantages that the internet can bring to small businesses and businesses that are not located in the best geographical area. I am honoured to accept this award and I would like to sincerely thank Union Gas and more specifically David Rosenbloom for his generous donation. Not only did it help to pay the cost of my tuition, but it also gave me the encouragement and inspiration to keep on working hard. It has proved to me that a little extra effort can go a long way.