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In this section you'll find various Digital Cairo projects among projects submitted by others. To submit a project draft or presentations please contact .

Note: all java based downloads require Java Runtime Environment to run, they can run on any platform that supports java 2 (preferably the latest Runtime Environment "1.4.x or higher"), it can be obtained from Sun Microsystems' .

Project listing:


Holy_Quraan is a java-based program that is basically the Noble Quraan book. It simulates the reading of the hardcopy of the Noble Quran in Arabic script the same way people read a book, it allows browsing through pages and it adds the ability to jump directly to a page, joz', hezb or a specific surah by typing the designated number or selecting the surah. Needs Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.1 or higher to run properly. Download here (zip file) (4.68 MBytes)

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JScanner is a very useful java based port scanning utility, it scans any host on a network for standard TCP/IP running services and reports which ports are listening on the host, and have the ability to save scan results to a text file. Plans to add support for scanning entire class C networks, as well as reporting more specific details about each running service, are in progress.
The current version available for download is 0.2, which features an extensive ports database that contains a complete set of records for the well known ports (0-1023), and the Registered ports (1024-49151), that were registered up till 19 May 2004. The database includes port numbers, service names, and service descriptions. Download here (71K) (zip file).

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SrvrTmplt is a multi-threaded TCP/IP newtork server template program that is to be used as the basis for the development of standard or custom TCP/IP services. The minimum basic core functionality for concurrent multi-session connection management, user session and adminstration console functionalies are defined, while leaving places left in the code so as to easily add service functionality by defining commands and what the server does when it receives them from the user in these places. Demo Java program, the complete designs, and Java source code are available at the Technical Documents page.

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Yellow_Pages is a web directory application written in PHP that uses MySQL database and HTML to provide the basic user browse/view and adminstrator Login/browse/view/add/edit/delete directories/entries funcionality. Still lacks the search capabaility which can be easily added. Requires a PHP capable Web server and a MySQL server database. (12KB) .

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NetCafe is an Internet Cafe management freeware program that helps manage small size Internet cafes (upto 15 PCs) in Egypt.
It features:
- The ability to distinguish between game and Internet users in status and pricing.
- Have a separate time and balance counter pair for each user with updates occurring on a per-minute basis.
- The ability to relocate a user from one PC to another while preserving his current counter values and continuing at another slot.
- Saving all recorded usage types, times, and balances into a log file.
This version is limited to 15 PCs. Download here (zipped installation image) (609K).
An earlier version of NetCafe was a program called DotComNetCafe, it was written specifically for an Internet cafe called dot com, it had less features and it was DOS based with ncurses library interface.

Download dotcom1_3_3.exe (185 KB)

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- MyFinances is a personal finances manager program. It allows users to store and keep track of any income or payment transactions along with details in the program database. It also allows searching and retreival of stored records as well as the ability to modify and delete them. Current version is 0.6.
NOTE: This program has been through little testing, initial tests indicated the need for DAO/Jet engine libraries to be installed on your system in order for it to work properly. These are included in the Microsoft Jet 4.0 service pack 8. You can get the proper version for you System from this page. other libraries may be needed as well, testing is still in progress.
ANOTHER NOTE: Work on this project has been discontinued, 0.6 is latest and final release available. Download here (zipped installation image) (723K).

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Library Archive:

- Library Archive is a standalone book indexing and retreival application with simple features written for a an Islamic Center's library in Yemen. It was designed using straightforward OOSE (Object Oriented Software Engineering) methodologies and implemented using MS Access DB format, Visual C# 2005 Express, and .NET framework 2.0. Download here

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Tape Archive:

- Tape Archive is another standalone indexing and retreival application for fatwa and lecture tapes written for the same Islamic Center. It followed the same desige methodologies and implementation techlogies as Library archive. Download here

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Clinic Manager:

- Clinic Manager is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software that can serve small private clinics in Egypt practicing in all specialties. Visit the project page here

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NetDesigner is software written using PocketC API for Windows CE platform. It is intended to help network engineers or technicians to layout network topology drafts easily and rapidly on their PDAs or Handhelds using keyboard inputs and pen touches. Predefined network objects' images are ready made. User specifies which object to insert into the drawing by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard (example S for Switch or I for Internet, etc.) and then touching the screen at the position where he wants to insert the object. Then the user presses the capture key 'Z' to save the topology as a bitmap file where he can beam it to a printer or send it to a desktop or even email it. This program hasn't been through any kind of testing except on my Casio Cassiopeia A-20 Handheld PC running windows CE 2.0, so if you download this program, first you have to have PocketC runtime on your PPC or HPC, second I can't guarantee that it'll work properly, or even work at all, just try it and give me feedback if you would.
- Download here (PocketC app file 8K)
- Get a list of keyboard commands here.

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