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One year prices
TLD Register Price Renewal Price Transfer Price
            .com $10.95 $10.95 $10.95
            .net $10.95 $10.95 $10.95
            .org $10.95 $10.95 $10.95
            .us* $10.95 N/A N/A
            .info* $10.95 $10.95 $10.95
            .biz* $10.95 $10.95 $10.95
            .tv $48.95 $48.95 N/A
            .ws $19.95 $19.95 N/A
            .nu* $32.95 $32.95 N/A
            .bz $32.95 $32.95 N/A
            .cc $32.95 $32.95 $32.95
* Registry mandated 2 year minimum registration period
Additional Features
Additional Features with EVERY domain
   FREE 10 page web site
     Layouts, backgrounds, WYSIWYG interface, etc.
   FREE email forwarding (100 addresses max)
     Create up to 100 personalized email addresses and forward them.
   FREE "catch all" email forwarding
   FREE DNS services (create records, set up sub domains, etc)
     Create up to 100 "hosts", or sub-domains, under your name.
     Real-time DNS updates (Dynamic DNS).
     Setup all your DNS records: A, MX, CNAME.
   FREE URL forwarding (redirect AND frame based)
     Forward/redirect your domain name to any other URL/website.
   FREE Parked page
     Easily "park" your domain at a customized page.
   Inexpensive POP3 email ($10.95/year)
   Many more features (All with anonymous name servers!)