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September 4, 2004
2:14pm : Just waiting for the Georgia game to start. It's against Georgia Southern and that's where my mom went for her first 2 years in college, then she went to Georgia. I went out with Mom to the library for Biology. I can't work on the paper next week because of stupid dance workshops. It's so horrible! I have to go to dance all day for two Saturdays and two Sundays! At least I'll be able to see the people from dance. I saw Anne Bean at Henri's. Eck. I pretended to be all nice and stuff but she's such a you know what!!!! Oh well. I won't ever have to see her again. We also went to Target and I saw Mary Hood. I said hi to her, but I didn't talk to her. I didn't want to say something stupid like, oh yeah, you got held back. I would say something stupid like that! I'm excited, I'm going to the Freshmen football game on Thursday! Go Raiders! Anyways, I'm going to go read Mom's magazine. Rebecca
September 3, 2004
Thank GOODNESS it's Friday! I almost died. The week seemed to drag on for hours and hours and hours. I'm not going anywhere which totally stinks, but everyone else is. Bleh. I get to stay at home and do absolutely NOTHING The picture is of Peyton Manning for all you people who can't read!! FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS TOMORROW!!!! At least college football. The NFL starts next week. What what! SOOOOO excited. Even though Marissa says that football is boring. She has no idea what's she talking about. Well, the Braves are on and I must go watch for Grace. Ha ha. Rebecca