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The Language of Flowers......
I is for Iris that bloom in the spring
Their meaning 'a message' a lover may bring
L is for Lilac. When purple of hue,
They indicate shyly 'a love that is new'
O is for Orange whose blossoms proclaims
For 'beauty and purity', hers is the fame
V is for Violets, as blue as the sky
They mean there is no one as faithful as I
E is for Eglantine, known as sweet brier
Its meaning the 'poetry' she can inspire
H is for Heartease, the pansies that tell
What 'happiness' comes when I'm under her spell
E is for Elder that speaks of the 'zeal'
For keeping her happy I constantly feel
R is for Roses, the heralds of 'love'
I LOVE HER the message that's spelt out above.