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Click the picture above for some facts on Sabah.... Or if you're the kind who is interested in history, just click HERE for some historical facts about my beloved homeland.

Welcome To My Homepage!!!

Hello, my name is Cyril Masuil and I am from Sabah, Malaysia. I'm only doing this homepage for the fun of it and unlike other superb hp's, this hp of mine is rather an "amateurish" one. So, this is a very simple homepage.....and if any of you out there can offer me any advice and tips, I'd appreciate it very much.

The other objective of this homepage is to serve as a source of information for the Masuil Family in the "internet realm" so to speak. Hopefully i'd be able to find time to add in more information in these pages. If you want to know more about Sabah just visit Info Sabah for more information.

My Postal Address:

C/O Ministry Of Local Government & Housing
Locked Bag 2010
88999 Kota Kinabalu

Like I said, I'd appreciate any tips.....or if you'd like contact me, you can reach me through my E-Mail or you can just write to me using the postal address stated above.

So, welcome, and "kopivosian"......
My Views

Some Poems:
Don't Quit
The Optimist Creed
Strive To Be Happy
The Beatitudes
The Language Of Flowers

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