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    Well, what can i say about prom? Well, here's my tale. So, i'm going to go to prom with this girl. I have the opportunity to go with my friends in a limo and i'm so stoked. But they're really iffy about whether they'll let me go in it or not. Meanwhile, my date decides to bring her friend along which is cool w/ me at first. But if we got the limo, only 2 spots open for me and my date. And now, she tells me that if she can't go to the prom with her friend, she won't go at all.

    So i do what she wants to do as long as we get to go out and do what i want to do after prom. Prom night comes and i'm supposed to meet her at 5. But i'm gone all day and i call and tell her from a friend's house and tell her  that i'm still getting ready and i'll be over about 15 minutes late. I'm finished getting ready and my friends parents give us a lecture to be careful and his parents tell me to watch him. It's about 5:40 after this is all over with. I jet in the car over to meet my date and her friend. I show up and they're all in the driveway. My date says nothing to me. We go inside to take pictures and my date still says nothing to me. So, now we're ready to leave. My date's friend has to drive because her friend's parents won't let me drive no matter what. I leave my car at the house and we're off. Still, not another word from my date, even though i try to talk to her. All she talks about in the car is about her ex-boyfriend and stuff they used to do together. We get to the school to take pre-prom pictures and my date looks all pissed. I'm standing there with my friend, and i asked her what kind of pose she wants to do and she's all look "whatever" and doesn't care. My friend's all like ummmmm.....shes doesn't seem nice. So i talk to her and she says " YOU WERE LATE! YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE! YOU WERE LATE! We go and take the pictures and what do ya know? The girl left the keys in the car and we're locked out. Everyone's leaving the school parking lot and shes like "im so sorry guys" my dates says "DONT BE SORRY!" her brother brings the keys and we're off. We make a last minute change of plans and go to macaroni grill to eat.

     We're walking in and i talk to her friend about why my date's being all pissed off. She doesnt really know why. after the meal i walk with my date and i talk to her.  I try to put my arm around her to be nice, She says "Dont touch me, i dont like to be touched!" so then she reveals to me that the whole reason she's being like this is because i was late and i asked her "do you still want to go to prom with me?" she says "I'm going to go to prom and have some fun." i ask "do you want to have fun with me?"  "Im going to prom to have fun" i ask " am i included in this?" She says "no, im going to go have fun no matter what?"

So i say fuck this and just walk off. She doesnt say anything, her friends date comes after me and talks to me. i say fuck that, take my to my car and im gonna go to my prom. We're driving in the car and no one says anything for 5 minutes. Then my date says why do i want to do this. I tell her because of what shes been doing. Shes like "well im just a bitch and blah blah blah my ex." " she says she's sorry and that she still wants to go with me so i say "fine let's go then and have a great time."

I didn't dance much with her at prom. It became sort of a group thing.  but i still had a great time. I was around my friends chillin out at an awesome place. I mean what more could you ask for? Well, maybe a date that's a bit nicer. I was just happy to be there. This was one of the most important nights of high school and i'm just happy that i was there to be a part of it. I mean what more could i ask for?

When it was all over, they just decided to follow a limo to the freeway and maybe go chill at a dennys and go home. I followed in my car while they just drove around aimlessly. At the end of the night i said goodbye to them at a gas station when they were fueling up. That really sucked. My date didn't even feeling like getting out of the car to say goodbye. But she did and i said goodbye like a gentleman so i didnt invade her space. And so i left.

Through prom, i realized a few things. Despite the way my date was acting, I remained kind and friendly. I was never rude or negative to her and still manage to have a good time at prom, despite the way she was. Friends like Shane and Yusuf might not even by my friend in fact. They don't care when i tell them how sad i'm feeling, and never include me in their plans. Brendan seemed to not care at first but he can relate so he's still a good guy. And friends like mazy and mario are the ones that have been around the whole time for me.

Another thing i learned is that i tried so hard to have a wonderful night with her. I brought her flowers and candy, i wrote to her how much fun we were going to have and was nice about everything. I got all ready and nice and was ready to have the night of my life with her. Nevertheless, she wouldn't accept it and stayed in her own despair factor. At first i thought my heart was crushed mercilessly by the night.

But then it hit me, "Hey Ahmar! Dont worry. Your a great person and you did everything you could to make the night fun and romantic. You went to your prom and this girl wouldn't accept your positive attitude, but nevertheless you rose up and had fun and got to see everyone dressed in their best! So be proud of yourself. If some people can't see how great a person you are like yusuf melissa or even ASB, well then it's their loss, not yours.

So in Conclusion, i now know that if i truly want to have a great time. i cant be around this who try to keep me down. So these next few weeks of school that are left are dedicated to having fun, studying and just having an all around great time with people that are awesome! So in the end, AHMAR SAVES THE DAY!!!