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Here's my First movie that I made. I hope that you enjoy it and tell all your friends to come visit my site and get it. It's my version of the sequel to Blair Witch 2. But I made it before the sequel came out. Just click on the picture ^above^ to watch it and it'll automatically play. It is recommended that you have a faster connection than 56k because otherwise it may take up to 30 minutes to load, but hey, its worth it! If you have 56k then try the lower quality version.Tell all your friends to visit my site.But remember to mention that it's my movie. If you want to tell me what you think, then  E-Mail Me!

     -56k version for slow connections-it'll take about 2 minutes for the movie to load but not as good quality.

   -Fast connection-(cable, dsl, etc.)-better quality version

                                    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT (8megs)

                                           Lower Quality (1.2megs)


can't see the movie? need help?           (Right click and save target as to download)

**coming soon: Return of the Blair Witch 2.....                           

                         The Amazing Show (The Black Lotus-Stash)


description- about 280k I found this short 3d movie while I was surfing the net and decided to put it on my site. A good combination of Trance music and 3d worlds combined. You have to download this one but don't worry, it'll only take a few seconds no matter what connection you have. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE! thanks to for this one.

                                CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW

                   All Your Base Are Belong to Us!


This shockwave movie is the greatest mini-movies you can watch online and one word for it genius. If you have to watch any movie on my site watch this one! I only regret that i didn't have anything to do with making this one. It won't take long no matter what connection and it is definitely worth it. If ya seen it already you have to see it again cause this is the pimpest movie ever!

                                           Click here to Watch it

                                 Xiao Xiao


This is the most awesome fight I've ever seen using stick figures. Don't be fooled by their appearance. It's one guy versus a boss and about 30 of his henchman. I'd have to say this fight uses a mix of moves from the Matrix, Jackie Chan and Jett Li moves all combined! If you wanna see a really good fight, you defintitely gotta see this one. I did not make this shockwave movie either but it's totally kick ass. So check it out. But I don't recommend it to people with a 56k connection because it'll take about 20 minutes to load. But it makes up for the wait!

                                    Click here to Watch it