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         Sites made by ANHS students:


                   Rb6 Freak's Page (Mike)



Wizeguyz-A site by the infamous Tu Do

ELecTRikRAveR-Richard's site

Pumpkins site-Melinda's Page (pw:pumpkin)

Almost Innocent-Site by my online buddy Christine



f e e l i n g s . o f . d y s f u n c t i o n


                        Cool Sites

BadAssBuddy-Cool Buddy Icons for AIM

Crazy Images-A site with some Cool 3D stuff, check it out, you'll like it you stuff to do when your bored

Easter Egg Archive-Secrets found in movies music tv etc.

How Stuff Works- ever wonder how it works (ex. dsl/cable modems, how chocolate is made, etc.)


                                 Bandwith Speed Tests

 Bandwith Speed Test- find out how fast your connection is