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                        Q:What happened to this site? 


  When i find some time and pics then i'll update


    Hello and Welcome to Krazed. Play the latest game Break Out . Come to the Pictures section for new pics almost everyday. Add this site to your IE Favorites





I've been taking lots of pics lately to make up for not updating the pictures much. I've also been working on other sections of the site( fixing html, updating, etc.) so everything is all fixed up.




I think most peoples feelings about what happened on tuesday sept. 11 would be best expressed in this instant message:

(9:54:47 PM): “Personally, I’d like to see three towers built in their place, with the middle one much taller than the other two. That way, it would look like a giant middle finger, directed straight at the fuckers who did this.”



Well I'm still alive, Summer's almost over and i neglected to update the site.  Registration for school was Monday and school starts 09/6 so not much time left. I've started to work on the site and fix up some errors and add new pics. I added few new pics and updated about me more to come...