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                  Here are some games to have fun with while at

                                            My Site :


    Break Out-A really pro game you gotta try


    Snake-The greatest game I've ever played on a cell phone


    Tetris-for anyone who thinks they've got the skills  


    Extreme Boar-dom- Snowboarding challenge


    Birthday (of the week)- Learn what day of the week 

    you were Born on! (monday, tuesday...) 


      Blammo- intergallactic space fighting


     Snowman thing-a-ma-jig-Build your own snowman 

   and choose the clothes, hats, eyes...           


     The Gobblenator- one Krazed Turkey with a gun


    Executive Basketball- Tired of that boring cubicle?      



    Love Tester- Do you think you're really hot stuff?


    Trick or Trash- Separate the good from the bad!


      Tarot Toy- mysterious Tarot cards anyone?                


    Revenge of Yar's Revenge- Remake of the original

     the popular Atari game


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