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                                     D o w n l o a d s


           Winamp Skins:

    Limp Bizkit Skin- The tightest skin i've ever seen. definitely get this one cuz it looks so pro 

      Adidas Skin-Nice lookin skin to match your shoes


    Adidas Skin 2-Same skin, different colors used


    AmpBoy-Designed to make winamp look like  Gameboy


    Ayanami-Cool anime theme skin


    Echidna-skin dedicated to Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog


    iAmpBlueberry-another anime skin originally made for Macintosh's


     MI:2 skin:mission impossible 2 skin made by Me


     Platinumv1.8-Futuristic Skin/Retro shape skin

How to Install:download these skins wherever you want on your computer and then open up winamp, next all you need to do is double-click and open up the skin file and it should automatically change your winamp skin. If you ever wanna change back your skin, with winamp open press and hold alt+s and itll open up the menu. Now you're set.

**Note-These downloads are not made by me, i just provide the links, some of these downloads are copyrighted so i neither support, profit, protest, or illegally distribute this software, the real author's like are the one's who created these and they deserve the credit!

Other Stuff

Napster Version 2.0-ever wonder what Napster used to look like before it was all commercialized. well this is the first working version they put that i have, check it out and see what napster used to look like. It's kinda crappy lookin but it works and i think it's still cool, check it out for yourself. And if you want the newest napster back, all you gotta do is go to and download the latest version they put out.