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A b o u t  M e

Personal Quote:  Beautiful girls open my eyes, smart girls open my mind, but only sweet girls can open my heart

Name: Ahmar

Age:17 - 04-10-85  

School: Aliso Niguel High School

Grade: Junior      

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5' 7"

Hair: Dark Brown

Movie: Fight Club

Music: Just about everything...

Computer: Intel Pentium III  866mhz-128 megs of RAM  40Gig Hard Drive



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Site: since 11/19/00

Why do you call it Krazed? It's just a name that popped into my head and It sounded cool. The theme of the site was supposed to be full of crazed stuff but that's over now.

What else do I like to do: Hang out with friends, pimpin it, girls, talk to people...what more can I say? Talk to me if you really would like to know more...

AOL AIM: XSk8Luv69



 I made this site my sophomore year and started out with no theme to go with, so i did pretty much nothing with it. But then it hit me. I set out to make a site to take pics almost everyday and update them so people from school can check'em out. I've added a lot of other stuff but that's the main idea for the site.  Big thanks goes out to Yusuf for pics and clips for the site and to Mike for some art and html tips.