Current Manager:Shannon Cahill

Manager's e-mail

First Grade Coach:Wayne Pearce

Reserve Grade Coach:David Bayssari

President's Cup coach:Garry Jack

Club Captain:Craig Field

Best Finish:N/A

Worst Finish:N/A

Home ground:Leichhardt Oval

Public Seating Capacity:23,000

Corporate Viability ranking:70%

Public Support Ranking:75%

Ground Rating:90%

Feeder Club:Ryde-Eastwood-Metropolitan Cup

Current Bank Balance:$1 million

Projected profit for forthcoming season:$2 million

Current player payment total:$3 million

Craig Field-utility half, Ben Duckworth-lock/five-eighth, Scott Prince-utility half, Shane Walker-prop, Mark Stimson-2nd row/prop, Luke Phillips-utility back, Ben Tune-winger, Joe Roff-winger, Jamie Ainscough-utility back, Richard Villasanti-prop, Ben Galea-utility, Adam Starr-prop, Tyran Smith-back row, Brad Smith-lock/five-eighth, Jason Lowrie-prop, Andrew Meads-utility forward, Laloa Milford-three-quarter/fullback, Chris Morecombe-utility back, Adam Nable-halfback/hooker, Jacin Sinclair-centre/five-eighth, Mark O’Neill-2nd row, Michael Ostini-utility forward, Steve Price-utility, Tasesa Lavea-five-eighth, Paul Stringer-prop

Craig Hancock-three-quarter, Michael Coorey-three-quarter, Nick Bradley-centre, Jason Hudson-three-quarter, Andrew Ryan-prop, Joel Caine-winger/fullback, Greg Carlaw-utility back, Michael Roberts-utility, Darren Senter-hooker/2nd row, Craig Stapleton-prop, Trent Robinson-utility forward, Hayes Lauder-utility forward, Shane Watene-utility, Wes Maas-2nd row, David Price-utility forward, Dean Meads-utility, Junior Langi-utility back, Brett Ridley-utility back, Paul Mellor-three-quarter, Justin Smith-utility, Jamie Fitzgerald-hooker/lock, Alfons Masella-utility forward, Stephen Duggan-utility, Luke Carr-utility, Paul Crawford-halfback

Matt Adams-utility back, Balin Cupples-three-quarter, Rob Toshack-centre, Mark O’Halloran-three-quarter, Andrew Smith-winger, Mark Luland-utility back, Andrew Wenster-utility half, Greg Keary-hooker, David Buckley-utility forward, Jamie Small-utility forward, Luke Isakka-prop/2nd row, Josh Gamgee-back row, Andrew Fuller-utility forward, Ben Gardiner-utility, Adrian Cullen-back row, Damien Ash-utility forward, Scott Hogan-utility, Luke Taggart-prop, Leigh Bowman-2nd row, Levi Wara-lock

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