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Adults need to gain a clearer

understanding of what is abusive to

children and of how devastating abuse can be.

A new understanding will result in improved choices, so our

children will then have a better chance to grow up

to live healthy and happy lives.









  1. This file: Introduction and a request for confidentiality.
  2. Details of childhood emotional abuse, photos, and
    insights gained
    [use link that is near the bottom].
  3. Adult problems, recovery struggles [use link near the bottom].
  4. My opinions:






a very unhappy child  -  33 kb

This photo suggests a child's view of the world.


The abusive experiences happened when I was very young. They happened while my parents were struggling with the responsibilities of a growing family and a new business. In their struggle, they failed to use common sense and to treat their children with respect.

After those difficult years, my parents became loving and were dedicated to the family, so I was lucky enough to gain strength as I grew up in a stable and positive atmosphere. In some ways, I got my life together as I became an adult. But those early abusive experiences remained in my mind, so as the years went by, I found that my life was full of constraints, limitations, and major emotional struggles.


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This site should have an impact on people who generalize that:

  • small children have small emotions
  • children are resilient
  • children soon forget
For many children, these and other misconceptions can be brutal.


Each child reacts differently to very difficult experiences. While some gain strength, others are weakened and damaged. Many children are simply not capable of coping well with difficult experiences.

Later, when the child becomes an adult, it can face a long term struggle with one or more of the following:   impulsive behavior, excessive fears, weak anger control, addictions, depression, low self esteem, restrictive shame, rigid thinking, learning blocks, etc.    


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Please note that if you know who this site is about and talk about it,
some people will react with criticism and engage in vicious gossip.,
It would be totally unfair to seriously damage the reputation of my parents.
They did their best.

The details on childhood emotional abuse.



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