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Our Tastie Taters!!

Like our "Homefries page" this page is dedicated to all of our compadres.As all of our homefries have places in our lives , let us not forget our Tastie Taters! These are whom we seek refuge...

Brian A.K.A The Cake Nazi!
The proud owner of the soon to be famous.."FLOYDRICK THE WONDERDOG!!" *theme song* "FLOYD-RICK!!dodododododododo", is also well known to look "sexy" in sweaters, has an eye fetish...
Fav Saying: "Excellent"

Erin A.K.A Spawkle
She is simply known to be the daughter of our principle who looks like a squirrel and is Mr.Fitzpervert's "special little friend"...don't don't wanna know...

Janesa A.K.A Braceface
Known to look exactly like her older sister but WATCHOUT!! When they are together it's the scariest thing you'll ever your LIFE!
Fav Saying: "Little girls,little girls, everywhere i go i can seeeeeeee them..."

Hey! What's the matter with Gene?!?!
Matthew A.K.A Gene
Not to be misled by his albino-like features...Todd originated from Matt's bizarre speech impedament due to his retardation..but don't worry Matt.....WE STILL LOVE YOU!! And we wouldn't trade you for all of the tea leaves in China!...
Fav Saying: "So what your saying is...your gay."

Amy A.K.A Aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Proud Founder of "MURRBRRRR!"
Fav Saying: "Murrrbrrr" and "What kind of shit music is this?"

Dave A.K.A D-Town Funk
Matty G and the d-town funk have been known to spend their time "kicking it old school"

Amanda A.K.A Homie 'A'
You may find her "chillin' with her homies" or just playing her backyard..
Fav Saying: "We've got cabin fever, no IFS, ANDS or BUTTS!"

Jon A.K.A Johnny Crayola
One of the creators of the Mexican Yoshi Farm, Jon takes pride in styling his "feelers" every morning.
Fav Saying:"*LOL*"

Mindy A.K.A Mindy?
There once was a time when Mindy and I...along with two other people who's names we will not mention....were walking across the bridge... WHEN MINDY GOT POOPED ON BY A BIRD!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nathan A.K.A Mr.Roboto
Nathan is the ultimate dancing MACHINE!!!

Natalie is the Head Honcho of our very own C.H.T.Inc...(Cherokee Hair Tampons Incorporated)...So when your on your heavy days...remember to switch to Cherokee Hair Tampons today! For Super Absorbancy!!

Has been known to molest gophers in his spare time as well as do elephants up the derriere with broom sticks....also uses C.H.T. products...

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