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What many people donít know is that there are things that they donít know that they donít know. One of those things is that....WE HAVE SECRET INDENTITIES!
By day we are known as Katie and Ashley, by lunchie munchie we are known as BoBo and BQ....but by nightfall we are...PINKY AND THE MUNKIE SHAKER!!!!Let us now take time to explain to you how these strange ..yet wonderously peculiar... names came about existing!It's quite a funny story actually!WELL NOT QUITE!!!.........BUT THAT'S O..K!!!mmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMYES!!!!We shall commence with the unforgetable names of Katie and Ashley! They were given to us at birth...don't laugh...there's nothin we can do about it....right....SO ON TO A HAPPIER NOTE!!! A perferable note would be A#....hahahahah...but that's getting off topic! is BoBo and BQ!!! First BoBo, which was founded after the world renound tuba playing ape man...none other than Roger Bobo!!!And then we have BQ...what can we say...nothin...the end...that's all there more....haha just kidding!!!...First of all, BQ stands for something...something very mysterious and not really..but let us DREAM!!!!!BQ is indeed the initials for "The Bondage Queen"!!!!That's right!!You heard correctly! Your eyes do not deceive you!!We promise! If you do not believe and do not regain your eyesight in a matter of 24 hours please see the optomistrist nearest you for conformation of your loss of CORNEAS!!!And send $29.99 to I Have No Cornea Fund...for your brand spanking ( S-P-A-N-K-I-N-G! "bondage" term!!!)new set of corneas!But back on track we go!!
Time to hop back in the tobogan!!And onward with Pinky and the Munkie Shaker!!