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Welcome to the Magical Mysticalness of The Cracker Factory!!

The Cracker Factory is situated in the greatly spacious jungle of our minds...but the question on your mind right now is probably " What the hey now is a Cracker Factory??" As you might have already assumed (or so we hope)the Cracker Factory is infact a factory that produces crackers! The Cracker Factory is run by a pack of wild munkies... THAT'S RIGHT! MUNKIES WE SAY!SPELT M-U-N-K-I-E-S!!IT'S NOT A TYPO! The munkies are under the instruction of a mysterious man named Todd, who in his spare time likes to sell king sized sofas!You may know him only as the "Sofa King". But WHO exactly IS Todd? Noooooooooooooooobody knows...(the troubles I've seen...)hence forth the mysteriousness...shakakakakakakak!!!

HAHAHA!!That's us! Yep that's right! The criminal master minds behind all the insane HOOPLAH you see before you! How did we get to be so strange? No one knows...but on our many adventures...(and we've had quite a few!) we've encountered many strange and unusual else do you this web page we will take you on a tour through the jungle, past the cracker factory and under the bridge where the men with the cold native footwear dwell. BUT BEWARE!!For this will be no safe journey! So keep your arms and legs INSIDE the CARPET and AWAY WE GO!! Be wary where you step for this is "WHERE THE MUNKIES ROAM AND THE CRACKER FACTORY RULZ!!!"