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Our Homefries!!(We HATE potatos!!)

This page is dedicated to all of our Homefries back at the "old school"....word to your mother!!.....bahahahahah....We will now take the time to give a brief description of the peeps in our learning environment!

Meaghann A.K.A Magenta Kingstone
The wierd one of our "group"
...Has been known to boogey with her lips and get down with her mouth....2 words
Fav saying:Sayings include:
"Tweek him...he likes it!" and "Jumbaliah!"

Kyle A.K.A The Mexican
The small and annoying
...Although he is named The Mexican, he is NOOOO Brad Pitt!
Future plans include: Becoming a homosexual hair stylist that goes by the name of Peppae..

Allison A.K.A Big Gay Al
The "self-appointed" .."smart one"...
A product of her own environment, she obviously doesn't get out much due to the fact that her Dad is a "crooked cop" that lives in a "Mafia House"
Fav sayings: "Gobble.. gobble"

Melanie A.K.A Melody
The most "normal" out of us all...if you could call that normal...she has befriended the short, fat child which we would like to assasinate...
Fav saying: "*Doin the Face*"

Shannon A.K.A The Walking Brothel
Don't know what a brothel is? find out...then you'll understand ...
Fav saying:...nothin she says is worth listening we don't one really pays attention to pathalogical liars...

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