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Our Bookie!

If your from the Miramichi, if your not consider yourself lucky!!, but if you are, as sad as it seems, it is presumable that you have read The Miramichi Dictionary!If you haven't...WELL THEN IT'S TOO BAD ABOUTCHA AIN'T IT!!What you see before you, is but a replica of the REAL Miramichi Dictionary!

1.Beware the cold, native footwear!
Translation:What you need is a good, swift kick in the ass!!

2.Beware the evil croutons, for they seek revenge upon the bacon bits!
Translation:I'm fat and your not, so you most be anorexic!

3.If I had gills and swam in the ocean, I would be a FISHSHSHSH....
Translation:I have legs...ya know!

4. My cowboy is red and swollen!
Translation:Got milk??

5. Cowboy Thighs...
Translation:O look ..there's Randy..*shudders*

6.My wedgie is like a pie!
Translation:My hip is popping out of place AND IT HURTS!

7.Katie has a rash!?
Translation:Katie grew balls??

TranslationLooka yonder!There's Chris Comeau!! orBrandon's hhhhhott...from a distance..or Mmmmmmmmmmcake....

Translation:Wierd fruit...strange things happen to you at night while you sleep...

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