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March 04, 2002:
Dear all, A problem with our mailing list and message board provider has caused us to temporarily shut these two features down. Also our counter, which was provided by the same company, will also be 'out of order'. Sorry.

February 25, 2002:
Recent additions to the website include a contact and feedback section. Also, a multicolored scrollbar, which can be found on the main page, has been added. Once the final colors have been decided on, they will be distributed to all parts of this website. An events section has been added to keep everyone informed of the *many* upcoming events we have, and will have. If you have not already done so, I recommend you to add yourself to the mailing list to be kept better informed of workshop activites.

February 18, 2002:
To all workshop members who attended the performance; congratulations on a job well done! Our first performance could of used a little oil to get us running like a fine-tuned machine, but the second one blew the socks of the folks at the International Dinner. Small gigs like this show us that we can't just piece a step dance together last minute. Not only do we need to practice the step show we planned on doing, but also with the people that we planned it with. We can't depend on people that weren't even supposed to be there. In the future however, I hope we can work on our teamwork and unity to break through the obstacles and strive toward out goals. Workshop members, please make sure to visit the Message Board located at the bottom of the home page. While there, add ideas you would like to do for a service project. Also, pictures are finally up. While there are only a few there, more are on there way.

February 14, 2002:
Happy Valentine's Day! New additions to the website include a *new* background courtesy of seena nagging me. Also, I recommend all workshop members click on the members link and add themselves to the BOHBYW mailing list. This will keep you informed of all the BOHBYW activities. Non-BOHBYW members may also join the mailing list if they'd like to be informed of BOHBYW activities.
February 10, 2002:
To all workshop members: we will be having a performance on February 16. We will meet at Mal's house at 1:30 pm to practice a little so that we can make it to the GP library and be ready to perform at 3:00 pm. If you need a ride or directions, you can use the e-mail link and ask.
February 08, 2002:
The members portion of this website has now been updated to include multiple usernames with multiple passwords. All workshop members, please think of a username and password to be used on this site. Also, we will not be meeting this Sunday for workshop. If you are not planning to go to TouchStone, please consider coming to the GP Public Library for a performance by ____________ and hopefully one by us too! A guestbook is on it's way to this website, and if you have any other additions, changes, comments, questions, or concerns that you think should be made contact the webmaster.
February 04, 2002:
While this website, or any website for that matter, will never truly be complete, the HTML portion of this one is. Kudos and Congrats go out to Sana Rouhani for constructing this beautiful website for the workshop.
January 01, 2002:
Happy new year all! We plan to kick off the year with some resolutions. All workshop members will be asked to wear their shirts to workshop every week. We feel this will help unite us by eliminating the individuality factor. Image yourselves as the plants of one orchid.