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@li's End of College Pics

This is NOT before anyone says anything lol :-)
Cos there's quite a few pics on a page, please be patient as it may take a min or so for them to download! :-)
Click on any picture to get a full size version!

Pics from my Religious Studies class are mainly on page 4

There's some ppl i wanted to take photos of, but didn't get the chance too :-( So some ppl aint here :-(
Sorry about that if you're one of them!

If you find any broken links or pics that don't load, just lemme know and i'll fix it!
Email me:



If the pics don't load up, just hit REFRESH! (F5) :-)

It's Ali and Ali!

The Crowd In The Corner!

The College Mafia

Another Lunchtime, Another Plate of Pizza and Chips!

Capturing a LIVE computing lesson in action!

Another battle for Sunny!
I think Mark lost this one lol