Ancestor Rememberance

Altar preparation:
Set up candles at back of altar in this order: black, red, white, black. Arrange phots/objects in front of candles, with the place setting and offering dish at the center. Have tealights handy for each participant to light.

*Establish Circle/Sacred space.
*Light first black candle, saying:
Tonight we honor and remember those who have crossed over, and on this night when the Veil is thinnest, invite them to join with us. We call upon the Goddesses of death and rebirth, upon the Morrigan, Hecate, Cerridwen. Come sisters, in your aspect as wise and compassionate Crone, we invite your company this dark Samhain night. The black candle symbolizes the darkness we come from before entering this world, and we honor the wisdom gained there.

*Light Red candle, saying:
Red is the color of life, to which we are all born and reborn. Mother Goddesses, we honor you tonight and give thanks for the opportunity to live, love, and learn in this world.

*Light white candle, saying:
White is the color of Spirit, our own and the spirits of the Old Gods who guide us. Grant us wisdom of Spirit this night as you walk this Earth once again. We welcome you.

*Each participant takes a tealight, lights it, and steps forward to share about the person/persons they are honoring.

*Take up the plate of offerings, and prepare a plate and cup for the Ancestors and Remembered Ones. Say:
Gods and goddesses, ancestors, remembered ones, helpful spirits, this feast we share with you tonight. Come partake of our offerings, join us and if you wish, make your presence known.

*Pass the wine/cider and bread/cakes; all should take a bite and sip. Spend a few moments in quiet reflection, listening for the spirits to communicate if they wish. As this is done, each person should extinguish their tealights and bid their Remembered goodbye. Regather at the altar.

*Extinguish the red and white candles; light the 2nd black candle. Say:
Before this life we were in darkness; after this life we travel the dark lands once again before rebirth. All are a part of the Wheel of Life. Light and darkness, death and life and rebirth. We are all on this path. Goodbye and good Samhain to all who have gathered here; I bid you go in peace and power, So Mote It Be!