End of Harvest Ritual

Materials: Ritual:
*Prepare sacred/altar space as usual. If you farm or have a garden, hold ritual there if possible.
*Light black candle.
*Lift vegetable/fruit, saying:
Harvest is over; the growing season is done and the Earth is at rest.
Mother Earth and Father Sky, we thank you for your bounty this year.
In thanks we leave this last fruit of the land as offering of our appreciation and so more may grow to nourish us next season.

*Place offering on ground or altar.
*Place scarecrow or straw man beside offering, saying:
We welcome you, Lord of Winter and of Darkness, he who sleeps among our fields as they lie fallow and covered in frost.

*Light green candle, saying:
This candle symbolizes life and growth. May we experience growth even as the Earth rests and becomes renewed. Renew our spirits.
So mote it be!