Walking the Wheel of the Year

Events, Festivals and Information
on Pagan Holidays

  • Imbolc~Early Spring Festival, February 1st
  • Ostara~Vernal/Spring Equinox, on/about March 21st
  • Beltane~Springtime Fertility Festival, May 1st
  • Midsummers~Summer Solstice, on/about June 21st
  • Lughnassadh~First Harvest Festival, August 1st
  • Mabon~Autumnal Equinox, on/about September 21st
  • Samhain~Halloween, October 31st
  • Yule~ Winter Solstice-On or about Dec. 21st.

Esbats and other Important Rituals
  • Moon Times~New, Waxing, Full, Waning and Rituals of Need~Healing, Protection, Calling a Guardian, Cleansing
  • Rites of Passage~Wiccaning, Initiation, Dedication,
    Coming of Age, Handfasting, Mothering, Croning, Parting/Death

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