Winter 2012- Appalachian Pagan Alliance Newsletter

It was a rather warm, and not snowy winter, but still our one event, an APA Ladies lunch for Imbolc got snowed out.

The Buncombe co. school board in their final stab at 'not doing the right thing' approved a loophole to the new school religions policy of being not favoring or promoting any one faith,
by allowing a single night annually at the fall festivals, most likely where they are going to invite local churches 'an other faith groups'
in to pass out their propaganda to the students, though they did approve this only for after school hours where those attending would be thee voluntarily.

Some of the APA's younger members led by Sybilsue Strivelli have in response to the continued 'loophole' tricks at the Buncombe county schools,
set up a school group called PATS (Pagan and Tolerant Students) who are doing 'meet me at the flagpole' type prayer meetings,
along with after school educational lectures and rituals similar to the 'Campus life' and other Christian School groups who continue to practice at the public schools they are 'student led' and therefore allowed.
The PATS group had Samhain and Yule events there at North Buncombe High....including a charity drive for Yuletide decorations that they then donated along with their time
to decorate a local nursing home for the yuletide season.

We hope to plan a couple of APA Ladies lunches this coming year, including of course our costumed brunch on Samhain as usual.

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