Summer 2012-Appalachian Pagan Alliance newsletter

Kuan Yin statue with Spider photo by Ginger Strivelli


The APA's activism work continued from last year, as the Buncombe Co school board finally approved their new policy
that bars them from promoting or disrespecting any faith, in their May 1st school board meeting.
Ginger, Amethyst, Sybilsue and other local Pagans attended and spoke a at that meeting as well as the 2 before that leading up to the policy change.

The APA held no May day ritual this year but many of us attended the Mother Grove event for that holiday.
We are planning a 'APA Ladies lunch' after Summer Solstice...and of course our annual Costumed Brunch events for later this year.

Our old yahoogroups list is quiet dead now.
But the Facebook page for the group does see some monthly activity.
We are glad to see both old APA members and new ones on that Facebook page.


Pictures By Lomax showing the awesome weather we've been having, this warmest year ever (from records going back to the late 1800's)in western NC.


By Ginger Strivelli

(The prayer I read at the final Buncombe Co. School board meeting concerning their new religions policy:)

As we have been forced to listen to prayer after prayer after scripture after scripture, for the last 3 months' meetings,
and as I have brought 9 NBHS DRAMA (Added "Drama" add lib as one of the speakers before me a hateful pentecostal pastor
called out the drama department as inappropriate and unfit to be seen)
students of diverse faiths with me to explain separation of church and state mean to y'all
...I'm going to lead a prayer.
(At this point I am told some of the Christians in the audience covered their ears...not sure if they went "lalalalala I can't hear you." LOL)

"Lord Ares, God of battle -help us to victory and justice in this case.

Goddess Hathor, -help us to treat our neighbors with love and respect even if they are a different faith than we are.

Lord Ganesha Remover of Obstacles -help us to overcome the bigotry and hatred that we are facing.

Cherokee Corn Mother Goddess, Selu (as this is her land we are standing in, and she is the Goddess of this state)
-help us sow fairness tonight so that we may harvest understanding and goodwill between all faiths in Buncombe County in the future.

So Mote It Be!---Blessed Be!"


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