Autumn 2012-APA newsletter

Sunset in Cherokee Photo by Sybilsue Strivelli

Rose Photo by Terri King

Sky photo by Lomax


This Autumn, alas members of the APA had to once again attend and speak at the Buncombe County school board meeting,
trying to keep them from making a loophole in the new religions policy to allow the bible (and other religious materials)
'passive distribution' on one day a year, as they had to stop doing it at will, as before after our protest.

Ginger Strivelli's Comments from the 10-4-12 meeting:

The point I'd like to make is; How will this make the students feel if their public school has a day of passing out religious materials?

If you are a gay NBHS student, and some baptist church hands out pamphlets stating homosexuals are will you feel?


If you are a NBHS Pagan Student, and some Pentecostal book stating 'suffer not a witch to live' is given will you feel?


If you are a NBHS Jewish student, and the KKK-a Christian organization- hands out recruitment flyers, how will you feel?


What if you are a Christian Student, and you see a vast overload of your faith's literature being handed out and very little of other faiths, how will you feel?



So all students will feel things they should not feel if this day of religious propaganda distribution in the public school happens.

But that is not the main reason why we should not do this.
We should not do this because the churches can give out their stuff on any given Sunday in their own private churches, 
they do not need to give it out in our public schools.


Other than that distasteful activism duty, we also happily held our 10th annual Appalachian Pagan Alliance Samhain Costumed Brunch.
Which was attended by 6 of us this year....still not a great crowd but better than the 2 or 3 that we had the last couple of years.

A Prayer to Ares-By Ginger Strivelli - written in Greece 11-10-11

Dear Ares. help me fight against those things not right and battle for who I do care Help me defeat every foe and yet always know what wars, I can not win so I will live to fight again

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