Appalachian Pagan Alliance Spring 2012 Newsletter

The Appalachian Pagan Alliance's co-leading Priestess; Ginger Strivelli along with supportive members of other local
Pagan, Jewish, Presbyterian, and Baptist clergy
met with representatives of the school board in March to discuss the school policy change
disallowing bible hand outs and football chaplains and other infringements of separation of church and state
freedom of religion issues that have been taking place in the Buncombe co schools.
On April 12th, the school board finally voted on a policy that, (alas, vaguely) stating religions should be treated equally and without bias.
We intend to be a watchdog of the schools implementation of that new policy.

Our other co-leading Priestess, Beth spent 2 weeks for Spring Equinox at the beach.
The above photo of the beach is one she took there, celebrating the Spring.
Her report is below, she also wrote the bit of prose below that while there.

Spring Equinox 2012 has been both refreshing and exciting.
I arrived in North Myrtle Beach, SC for 2 weeks of beachfront retreat, relaxation, fellowship, & spiritual seeking.
The first 4 days were spent with members of the "Grid Group"; much fun, crystal shopping, dining out, and energy work,
culminating with a sunrise Equinox celebration & my first Reiki attunement.
Several new crystals, including a smoky quartz wand, were acquired during this trip to the shore.
I'm charged up & ready to work!

"The waves are crashing like madness itself,
and the wind is moaning like the ban-sidhe.
Frankly, I'm a bit freaked out.
Have a candle going in the selenite castle lamp.
Still a bit freaked out...
------Beth prose from the beach march 2012


Lomax, a long time APA member took and shared this photo of the budding spring here in the mountains with us,
on our facebook APA group which has all but replaced the old yahoogroups APA group page.



Charms for prosperity:
Carry a buckeye in your purse to draw money
Rub Cinnamon oil on your doorknobs (particularly for businesses) to increase income
Carry Chicory root in your pocket for good luck
Throw cake and bread crumbs outside for the fairies, to insure you never hunger
Bury a golden coin under your threshold for bringing more money into the home.(I like using the Sacagawea coin
as the sacred mother-child image is magical and the coin is golden colored)
However this charm is quite effective and alas, the Gods have a twisted sense of humor when we ask for money.
I've had this charm work 'like a charm' when the next day, my bathroom pipes exploded flooding 2 rooms.
Which did bring me a insurance use only in dire need and with caution.)
Wash your face in the 'may dew' (First of May's morning dew) for good luck (in love particularly)and beauty

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