Appalachian Pagan Alliance Summer 2011-newsletter

(painting by Shannon W. Moody)

The Summer has flown by, another record breaking hot and dry summer here in western NC....
after the record breaking cold and snowy winter...2nd year in a row for the extremes,
and someone the other day said they found a WHITE wholly worm!
That is worse than the solid black one I found
Of course y'all now the wholly worm winter predictions of the size of their black stripe being larger means a bad winter,
but the solid black (all stripe) ones are really bad winter and the solid white mutant ones are the worst omen.
So this winter is going be bad, y'all be prepared.

Amethyst, Sybilsue, Harmony and I (Ginger) attended the Mother Grove Summer ritual..which was a real hoot,
with mustard anointing, and charcoal grill smudging picnic theme.
We appreciate having rituals to attend as the APA only does the costumed brunch on Samhain yearly now. (br) We do plan to hostess that event again this year by the way.

Beth and I (Ginger) are preparing for our Nov. trip to Greece and Egypt.
We are quite excited and the next newsletter will for sure feature some of our photos from this latest adventure of ours.

------------------------FROM OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS:Lessons on Meditation and visualization By Ginger Strivelli-------------------

Meditation work:

Meditation is a good way to 'listen' to go along with the 'talking' of prayer work.
You can have messages from your guides, the Gods, the universe, your inner self...going both ways in communication.
Too many people just talk to their Gods but never listen back for answers, messages, advice, corrections, or such.
The best easiest way to start meditating is to get some relaxing but not 'sleepy' music, I suggest Hindu chants or native American drumming or harp or bells music.
Nature sounds is also good (with or without music.)
You want to get into a comfortable position and no that does not have the be the 'lotus position' or 'indian style cross-legged' sitting pose.
Any comfortable sitting or laying or even standing pose will work.
You get comfortable, get 'into' the music you have selected then you start with your head
at the crown chakra and 'relax' actively seeing all stress, thoughts, worries, concerns, slip out of your head, leaving your head relaxed, calm, quite, not limp but complete at ease.
Then you move down to your next/throat chakra area....and do the same thing, then the chest heart chakra..then the stomach solar plexus then the hips, root charka area,
then the legs to the knees, then the knees, then the calves, then the feet. It must be done step by step some people take only a couple seconds per step/area...
some can take 2 or 3 minutes per area,
whatever it takes for you to clear out all that energy and be at ease, relaxed, calm and focused on stillness, quietness.
Then for whatever amount of time you deem needed you just focus on listening to messages coming in..if you are meditating on a particular matter
you can let that question cross your mind, but otherwise you keep your mind clear
dismissing any stray thoughts that occur to you as long as you are meditating.
It is a good idea to have a notepad handy to jot down any messages or thoughts right after meditation before they slip away, (like with dreams.)

Visualization work:

Visualization is much easier than people think, some people, highly psychic ones, creative ones, the very young, can manage it easier than others, but anyone can do it.
Basically it is like 'day dreaming' except you play out the vision in your mind's eye visually...'seeing' the event happen.
For example..let's say you wanted to do a visualization of would conjure up in your imagination the images of you packing your bags,
loading your car, consulting the map, getting gas in the car, driving, stopping to eat along the way, driving more, arriving, unpacking, etc.
Step by step just as if it was a movie playing out in your head of you moving.
This process could be repeated daily until the actual move is manifested as we call it when one's visualization is brought into being.
This can be done with less complex issues as well one can 'visualize 'being happier'
by taking 5 minutes every morning and every night to visualize you being happy...see yourself smiling, laughing, being carefree, walking happily on your days chores and such.
Just'seeing' this actually be in your mind, which will make it happen in real life.
Visualization can be used to find lost items, change moods or attitudes, bring about things you want in your life like a move a new relationship, a new job, or whatever.

Both these two techniques can be used as needed or on a schedule to bring about some exact goal...and should be practiced
For a simple practice of such try visualizing say a cake you are baking...bake you put it into the oven stop and visualize it
rising, cooking, and being taken out before it burns or dries out.
I like to use a simple spell of visualization when driving home if it is a storm, just before I take off I visualize myself driving home unhindered by the weather,
not being involved in any wrecks, being unharmed and arriving safe and well.
Then I actually take off on the drive.
(And I usually use a bit of invocation in this situation too and say a prayer a particular God or Gods.)


(Animated APA Banner by Vanessa McNelly)

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