Spring 2011- Appalachian Pagan Alliance Newsletter

We've had a beautiful blooming entrance into Spring this year.

Beth, Amethyst, Harmony and I attended the Mother Grove Temple's Beltane festival in Black Mountain, NC.
Amethyst was crowned the May Queen Maiden!
We had a great time...it was nice to have a May pole dance and Beltane ritual again, as alas the APA stopped hosting such a few years back due to slacking attendance.

In other News
Beth and I have planned our next big adventure...to...wait for it...wait for it...
Athens, GREECE in November.
We are staying 9 days so we may have time for a side trip to Delphi, Greece, and/or Giza/Cario/Saqqara, Egypt, in those 9 days while we are 'in the neighborhood.'

Of course we are excited for yet another magical spiritual journey!
Stay tuned for many photos, and artwork from that trip!


From the Carmina Gadelica (ancient Celtic oral tradition)

Give thou thine heart to the wild magic,
To the Lord and the Lady of Nature,
Beyond any consideration of this world.
Do not covet large or small,
Do not despise weakling or poor,
Semblance of evil allow not near thee,
Never give nor earn thou shame.
The Ancient Harmonies are given thee,
Understand them early and prove,
Be one with the power of the elements,
Put behind thee dishonour and lies.

Be loyal to the Lord of the Wild Wood,
Be true to the Lady of the Stars,
Be true to thine own self besides,
True to the magic of Nature above all else.
Do not thou curse anyone,
Lest thou threefold cursed shouldst be,
And shouldst thou travel ocean and earth,
Follow the very step of the ancient trackways.

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