MARCH 2009 APA Newsletter

Editress Ginger Strivelli

Beth and Ginger held a 3rd “APA Ladies' trip” to EGYPT and ROME 
this month.

Here are some of their best pictures from their awesome adventure.

--------------------------------------- The old streets of Rome poem By Ginger Strivelli As I was walking through the old streets of Rome I felt lost out of time and not quite at home. Those awesome sites have lasted through so much history And have been witness to so much grief and misery. There is something of a woefully apologetic mood Within the undercurrent of boastful pride that is subdued By the ravages of time and the toll it has taken Upon the majesty and glory that was one ROMAN! ------------------------------------------ Ginger also hostessed an APA Ladies Lunch event on March 27th, the 2nd one we've had this year already! They are well attended and well liked so we plan to have one every couple of months on-going! Our next one is set for May 15th. ------------------------------------------

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