FEB 2009 APA newsletter

As usual the APA joined in with Pagan Unity Campaign's 
IMBOLC campaign. Our Leading priestess, Ginger has stepped 
down as PUC president, but is now serving as PUC NC state 
chair and PUC southeast regional director so the APA will 
continue to be very supportive of PUC political activism 
co-op campaigns.

From: Pagan Unity Campaign
Date: January 8, 2009
Subject: Imbolc Campaign 2009
Contact: Fallon Glenn (fallon_glenn@yahoo.com), 
Adam Labonoski

In accordance with Pagan Unity Campaign's ongoing So Vote It Be
campaign and our goal to keep the rights and freedoms of minority
religions o n the minds of the government representatives in Washington
during this time of great change, the Pagan Unity Campaign will stage
the 8th annual Imbolc campaign on February 4, 2009.

As has been done in previous years, we ask that all Pagans join voices
and email, fax or telephone their elected officials during the first
week of February to encourage support of religious tolerance,
diversity and freedom. It only takes a few minutes to get involved,
and serves as a simple yet powerful reminder of the importance of
religious diversity in the country, as well as the presence of Pagan
voters and other religious minorities throughout every district in the
United States.

During this time, we would also ask that you send letters of support
for religious diversity and tolerance to state and local media outlets
in the hopes that our collective voice extends beyond our elected
officials to the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.

You may find contact information for your elected officials at the
links below:

White House:


House of Representatives:

Links to State and Local Officials:

--------sample email fax or phone call for the Imbolc campaign-----------

Dear Honorable Senator (or Representative) (add name);

We in the Pagan community of (your state or district) would like to
encourage you as our (Senator or Representative) to support the causes
of religious freedom and diversity as you carry out your duties in
office over the coming years. Our country was founded upon the tenets
of religious freedom and we must make a concerted effort to ensure
religious diversity continues to thrive throughout our great nation in
the coming years.
(add name and city and state)

So Vote It Be!

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