Appalachian Pagan Alliance Jan. 2009 newsletter

Editress Ginger Strivelli

This month we held our first Ladies LUCNH years 
past we have held several Ladies night outs but it seems 
lunch is easier for many of our schedules right now. So we 
have for now changed those events to lunch-dates 'girls'day'
out events for our APA ladies and other local Pagan sisters. 
It was well attended and enjoyed this month as we held it at 
Olive Garden in Asheville. We have planned the next one for 
the last Friday in March.

FROM OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS:(This year we will be doing 
Pantheons from around the world each month in this section
...starting with our own from 'here.')

The Cherokee Pantheon: (Alas the mostly forgotten Gods, 
Goddesses and spirits of these lands where we live, 
here in the Appalachian Mountains.)

The 'great spirit' which was of course translated to be 'God' 
(as in Jesus' father)...of course that was not who the Cherokee 
meant when they originally addressed their great spirit father. 
Sadly most think it is the same as the modern Christian 
monotheist male god... even most modern Cherokee.

Selu- The Corn Mother. There is actually a very magical Statue 
of Her in Cherokee now, thanks to the Harrah's Casino, sadly 
the tourist trade is keeping Her memory alive more than most 
of Her people are. Her Name is the Tsalagi (Cherokee language) 
word for corn.

Kanati- The Happy Hunter. (Also sometimes called the 'lucky' 
hunter.) Selu's Husband. Invoked of course in hunting.

The Thunder twins-the children of Selu and Kanati who are 
playing ball when you hear the thunder. (Cherokee 
stickball 'Anejodi.')

The Nunnehi- or Yunwi Tsalagi  are the 'wee folk'... the 
'little people' the fairy/elves of the Cherokee.

The Sun – Nvda and the Moon which was also called Nvda...
were worshiped as divine beings not just objects in the sky. 
The 'long-man' or water/river was also invoked in prayer along 
with Fire. Plant and Animals often also were seen as spiritual 
beings Besides the obvious Selu-Corn there was Ginseng called 
'little man' or “Mountain climber' and  a being called 
Uktena, a horned serpent, similar to the Aztec's God; 
Quetzalcoatl and the Mayan's God; Kulkucan.

Spider grandmother- “Kanene Ski Amai Yehi” is believed 
to have 'brought' the Sun/Fire to Earth. Also called, 
our grandmother; “Elisi.”

Raven a spirit similar to a Celtic Banchee who 
take the dying.

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