Appalachian Pagan Alliance Newsletter November 2008

Editress Ginger Strivelli

Nothing much to report this month, There were no APA gatherings 
and the yahoo list is a bit quite with the debate fodder 
election behind us, the Samhain events behind us, and 
Yuletide not quite upon us yet.


Connecting with the Gods:

I usually suggest my formal training I did 
20-some years ago in my formal training...pick a triad of Gods 
and a triad of Goddesses to work with as a Sworn priestess of 
Them. Not that all other Gods are not prayed to or worked with 
in rite and spell and charm, but these are ones you are to 
personally connect with, form relationships with bond with 
That 'bonding' can be done in various are some 
ideas of how to connect, bond, work with your Gods (and 
others, remember you can and should work with many Gods 
and Goddesses, as your needs dictate.)
1) collect images of your Gods or their Symbols; i.e. artwork, 
pins, earrings, statues for your altars, clothing even...
anything really....For example Spider Grandmother, the 
Cherokee Goddess is one of my patron Goddesses and I 
collect Spiderweb art, Spider jewelry, I have a spiderweb 
sweater, skirts, lol. Some Gods lend Themselves to this 
easier than others. My Holly King is an easy one for this 
idea particularly this item of year...I have lot of Santa 
Claus Jewelry, sweaters skirts, artwork...Myles Pinkney 
is a fav artist of mine who has some great Santa works...
I have a beautiful Santa in His Sleigh Pinkney work. 
I leave up year round. 
2) Start praying daily to your patron Gods...just a few 
words in times of need. Like when a car pulls out in front 
of you you might pray; 'thanks Vishnu for protecting me 
just then.' Also longer more formal prayers and chants as 
well. Write things yourself, look up prayers to Them from 
ancient writings of others....or use just off the cuff prayers. 
You could ask Them for things you need or others need 
throughout the day. (i.e. 'Gaia help that homeless woman that 
I see on the road there find her way to a warm place to 
sleep tonight.' Said as you walk by. Or when seeing some 
news report of some terirble crime you might ask Ares to 
insure justice is served upon the victim's attackers. You 
can also do actual candle blessing spells invoking one of 
your Gods. Keep in mind if your need is exact say you cat 
is lost, feel free to Invoke Bast, even if She is not 
one of your personal Gods in that spell rather than one 
of your patron Gods...our Gods are not jealous and have no 
'worship no god before me' greedy needy rule,  LOL.
3) Make offerings to your Gods often each moon cycle at 
least...a good offering dish on your Altar is a must. A 
good offering depends on the God. The right offering may 
be flowers, juice, water, milk, gold, incense, a crystal 
or such. You can also offer a poem, or artwork you've made 
in Their honor...or a pinch of your bread or cake is a 
very traditional Appalachian offering. In fact a common 
tradition is to ALWAYS offer such a pinch of any baked food
thrown outside to the 'wee folk' or as the Cherokee call 
them them "Yundi Tsundi." For example, a good offering for 
Kanati-the happy hunter may be to explore your totem animal, 
or do a 'hunt' of your own, that could be a symbolic hunt 
for a 'fox' artwork, or statue for your altar rather than 
to actually chase down a fox with a bow and arrow.
5) Some other ideas, are to look up Their feast days, or 
other holy days and plan to celebrate those. Learn up 
Their legends and stories, meditate upon them, learn 
all you can about those 6 able to teach others 
about Them.

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