Sept 208 APA newsletter

Editress: Ginger Strivelli

The APA has been planning our annual Costumed Brunch on 
Samhain, on the yahoogroup, and it looks like we will 
be having it as usual this year. We are looking forward to it.

Of course also on the yahoogroup the chat as wandered 
onto the topic of politics often with the season of 
choice upon us again this year. 

Passions run high....but for the most part we all 
debate like mature civil people  and for that I 
must pat us on the back. 

However we did have a person 'pick up their toys 
and huff off' rolling eyes and we had others 
name call some others rather ugly and unfair names 
and we had people balk at us discussing Politics at 
all and point out to us that there were political 
lists and they wanted us to stay on Paganism topic on 
the APA list...however...for those people's info and 
ours I'll restate the APA yahoogroups decription:

Welcome to the Appalachian Pagan Alliance, 
and other Pagan traditions. Also please note we 
are a Politically active group!) by joining you 
are welcomed as a member...we have a open door 
membership policy...HOWEVER that door remains 
open, and disruptive persons will be asked to 
leave out it, as easily as they were welcomed through it.

First Law: "prime directive- Thou shall not bite thy tongue." 
(Debate at will, but DO NOT Threaten/attack/disrespect the 
other members!) Heated debates are common...infighting 
will not be allowed.

Second law: "air your own dirty laundry if you wish, 
but do not air others."

Third law: "Freedom of information act. But that does 
not apply to personal/private disclosures." 

Fourth law: "Nothing is off topic for a family chatting 
around the breakfast table everyday. It keeps us in touch, 
it keeps us connected it bonds us...even if we are just 
talking about the weather, or the price of tea in china,
 we are talking, and that is what is important."

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