Apalachian Pagan Alliance Feb. 2008 Newsletter

This month Ginger, And her middle two daughters, 
Amethyst and Sybilsue went to Egypt....
the land of the Gods!
Beth and Ginger love their little APA ladies night out 
trip to Egypt back in March 05 so much. Ginger wanted to take some
of the Witchlings group, alas it is too costly to take 
them all but....The three of them went for 10 days this month 
They have been driving everyone else 
crazy talking about it nonstop...before and now after their trip.

FROM OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS; By Ginger Strivelli Karkaday tea made from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa plant flowers. It was the preferred non-alcoholic drink of the Pharaohs in ancient times and is still very popular in Egypt today. Served both hot and cold, with lots of sugar it is refreshing and delicious. Nonetheless it has significant uses as a medicine, both magical medicine and health medicine. Karkaday tastes somewhat similar to cranberry juice, is a similar beautiful rich garnet color, and is very high in Vitamin C. It also is a natural diuretic and said to lower cholesterol. It is used by pharmacists, herbalists and magicians alike to treat nervous conditions, anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, insomnia and such aliments. Though one Egyptian herbalist told me with a wink, “If too much is taken by men it can be bad for their ‘strength’ if you know what I mean.” He went on to say a few glasses a day were all right, (motioning to his fellow shopkeepers all drinking it along with him,) for men and women could drink as much as they wanted. Karkaday by other names does taste as sweet in Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand and other areas of the world that have discovered it since the ancient Egyptians started drinking it thousands of years ago.

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