Jan 2008 APA Newsletter

Picture By Paula Swaney

All of y'all bid farethewell to 2007 and all hail 2008!

The rumors of the death of the Appalachian Pagan Alliance have 
been exaggerated. We are alive and well, though somewhat 
less active in our old age. The APA’s yahoo group chat 
list is still online and even awake at times. Our 
website and monthly online newsletters going back almost 
10 years now are, if we do say so ourselves, the BEST 
resource anywhere for those studying and exploring 
the Appalachian Granny Magic trad of Paganism. The APA 
still hosts occational gatherings and events in 
Western North Carolina, as well as periodically 
has Ladies Night Out and Witchling Circle subgroup 
meetings. Our activism work on behalf of 
those being discriminated against because of their Pagan 
religion continues as well as our PR work for Witches and 
Witchcraft, with the press and public.


Prayer bead charm Spell
By Ginger Strivelli

This season the kids and I have been making charms. 
One particular good one to make with kids is a prayer 
bead locket charm;

The Witchlings can make your own beads with polymer 
clay or baked clay or even dried play dough. 
You need 13 (Representing the 13 lunar cycles in 
one solar cycle to honor both Goddess and God energy) 
large beads. Don’t forget to make the holes before 
you bake or dry your beads by running a needle through them. 
You can mark the beads with protective runes or symbols 
or even power words. Make the beads colored and designed 
to fit your prayer’s intention. (In example; for a 
prayer to keep rain from canceling your teams next game, 
use sunshine shaped golden beads.)

Take the 13 beads and place onto a string. (Silk 
embroidery thread or dental floss works nicely.) 
Add a locket to the string. (You can get these in 
the jewelry findings section of a craft store.) 

Then on a tiny slip of paper, write out a prayer to be 
repeated when using the prayer beads. (In example: 
Lord Apollo help me do well in band this semester, 
so I will be invited to take honors band class next year.”) 
Use a pentagram or other power symbol before and after 
the sentence. Then cut this into a thin strip of paper, 
and roll it tightly into a small scroll. Place this 
prayer paper inside the locket.

This charm can be worn like a bracelet or necklace 
(depending on the size of bead and extra string used) 
or just hung on a peg by your bed or desk. To use the 
charm you recite the prayer one time for each bead as 
you roll it between your fingers.

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