APA Dec. 2007 newsletter

Editress: Ginger Strivelli

We all got thru yuletide without choking any relatives…for some 
of us that was a bigger accomplishment than for others. “tis 
the season for being stressed and depressed I have taken to 
saying. It was more fun as a kid, LOL.

Anyway, the APA is looking forward to a hopefully more 
active and alert 2008 for us…as we have all been in 
hibernation it seems for the last year or so.

We will be joining in with PUC’s (Pagan Unity Campaign’s) 
SO VOTE IT BE 2008 election voter education and registration 
drive campaign.


From our Book of Shadows:

Yule Invocation by Ginger Strivelli 

The Darkness of the season shall be broken 
And new life be born once again... 
In this season of the Moon Goddess we do celebrate 
the festival of Yule 
the rebirth of the Sun God, the rebirth of life for the coming 
this eturnal cycle we do celebrate... 
We do give greeting to The Holly King, the God who does 
rule this season. 
We do give greeting to the slumbering Spring Goddess 
by whose blessing and sacred gift 
life shall always be reborn again... 
With our symbolic gifts to eachother, 
we do dedicate oursevles to You and Your service, 
O Ancient Gods and Goddesses... 
Bless us our divine Lords and Ladies 
and bless our meal 
which as always is 
Your gift to all of us. 
So mote It be!