APA November 2007 Newsletter

Photo By Paula Swaney

The APA yahoo chat list remains in hibernation. A brief 
chat broke out over cold remedies and over a couple of news 
stories, but we seriously need a good ole fashioned 
infamous APA heated debate.



With the colds and flu season upon us, the ‘potion’ My Mawie 
used to prescribe, Russian Tea:

1-gallon water
13 tea bags (Individual serving size-these can be tided 
to the handles of the pot to dangle in.)
 Boil well, remove tea bags 
Add two cups of sugar and stir
Add 2 cups of orange juice and stir
Add two cups of pineapple juice and stir
Add 1 cup of lemon juice and stir
Bring back to boil.
Float 13 cinnamon sticks
And 13 whole cloves in the pot.

Serve hot, drink as much as possible to speed up healing 
from a cold or flu.


The Muses:
Calliope, (The Fair voiced who governs epic poetry and writing) 
Clio, (The Proclaimer who governs history) 
Erato, (The Lovely who governs love poetry) 
Euterpe, (The Giver of Pleasure who governs music) 
Melpomene, (The Songtress who governs tragedies) 
Polyhymnia, (She of Many Hymns, who governs sacred poetry) 
Terpsichore , (The Twirling Dancer who governs dancing) 
Thalia, (The Flourishing who governs comedy)


The Hopi tribe has a wonderful, beautiful and magical 
Sun God Incantation Chant that is sung very fast over 
and over and over with drumming and dancing. It goes: 

Ke-ya-Wa-te,layn-yo layn-yo mah-hoy-te 
Hi-ya-no, Hi-ya-no, Hi-ya-no 
(or in English; we are one with the infinite 
sun forever and ever and ever)


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