APA August 2007 newsletter

Appalachian Pagan Alliance newsletter august 2007

(sound of crickets chirping)

The APA yahoo list has been uncharacteristically quiet for ages….
I can’t even bait them into a heated debate.  
Did the aliens take y’all all away? If they were Klingons, Y’all should have told them I wanted to come with!


From our book of shadows:

Kudzu wreath charm:By Ginger Strivelli

Using fresh picked Kudzu vines weave a ring of the size wanted.

Use ribbon to wrap the wreath tightly together every 
2 inches around the wreath. Leave to dry in the sun for 3 days.

Then remove (removing the wrappings or not) decorate the 
wreath appropriate for the need. You can use silk thread 
to make a ‘web’ design in the center or you can make a 
pentagram of the threads in the center…or leave the center 
open. Add gemstone beads, charms, shells, and such as needed.

These make excellent protection charms, Fertility charms 
or abundance good luck charms…depending on the decoration used.


Kudzu ode-By Ginger Strivelli

The magical kudzu does bloom
tiny torches of pinks, purples, and reds
Climbing like acrobats 
over trees, light poles and sheds. 
With lusty fertile bodies 
it does reach up, down, and out, 
it curls, twirls, and swirls 
all over and all about. 

Making sculptures in the 

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